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New Year's Countdown

An art and fic challenge community

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A once-a-year one-a-day challenge!
Welcome to newyearcntdown!

We are a challenge community for the end of the year. What kind of challenge you may ask? We celebrate the holidays of December as well as the month of December so this community focuses on those as we count down the days leading up the New Year! (Hence our name!) After all, any new year that begins in any culture is a new beginning and a time of hope. Why December then when there are different calendars around the world? For the purposes of the business world, the calendar that most people use has the new year begin in January so it's at least a recognizable and familiar time.

Oh, pish. No one wants to hear that boring stuff, right? You're here because you like challenges and some of you probably thoroughly enjoying a December challenge even more! So let's get the details so you can sign up.

Fest Run Down

-As stated above, we are a December challenge. Therefore, this challenge runs from December 1st to December 31st. Posting starts the 1st and ends the 31st.

-It is prompt based. We can give you a prompt table or you can make your own. You'll let us know in your sign up!

-We welcome all types of works. Original or fanwork, art or written; everything is welcome! You can also do a combination, such as doing some art and some poetry. It's up to you!

-Sign ups are mandatory. In addition to making sure you have the tags you need, this is so we can keep track of who is posting and whether we'll be waiting for you when the round up posts happens.

-Please make sure to post correctly. There is a header blow that must be filled out entirely except for where it says "optional". Your subject line should be the title and the author/artist. Please use the tags. At minimum, you should have the year and what type of work it is. We encourage everyone with fanworks to use the fandom tags.

-Yes, you can combine this with other challenges! When you post, all we ask is for a link to where the piece is posted so everyone can see/read it. This does mean if your other challenge is anonymous, you cannot use it with this fest. Otherwise, if the other challenge allows, you can use it for this challenge! If you do post your work directly to the community, please use a cut.

-We have an AO3 collections! Feel free to add to it.

-We'd prefer if your works for this challenge focus on the end of the year -- maybe it's just a winter theme, or a holiday theme, but it should focus on December or a December holiday and/or the conclusion of a year into a hopeful New Year.

-There is no minimum/maximum. Any length/size is welcome.

-You do not have to write individual stories; you can have a continuous story posted in 25 parts. If you do this, however, we ask that you make sure each post has a link to the previous part, if applicable, and to the next part, if applicable.

-All works should be new for the month of December - please do not reuse stories! You may however post a sequel to a previous work only if the work you post does not require the reader to know what happened in the previous work.

-There are different levels for this fest: Easy (where you aim to post a third of the days; the total number of works would be 8), Moderate (where you aim to post half of the days; the total number of works would be 12), Hard (where you aim to post all 25 days), and Overachiever (where you aim to post all 31 days).

-This community does not carry a warning for adult content HOWEVER the owner is not responsible for anyone under the age of 18 viewing content they should not be. Further, do not flame or leave rude/impolite/unnecessary comments -- if you do not like the content listed in the header, DO NOT READ. It's that easy. Police your own viewing and contents, no one else's. Violators of this rule will be banned. No second chances. (Banning happens at the owner's discretion and will not be disputed.)

-And that's it! Easy, right? If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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